It’s one of the interesting minor aspects of Male FemDom fantasy, the dream of being trained to be Her Dog, or if not a Dog, a male slave pretending to be a dog.

The salient points are all pretty obvious. The male must be naked, except for
his collar, and possibly his chastity tube. Oh, well, he might have a little ribbon in his hair.  And he may be on the leash, or trained to walk “at heel.”

I have assembled some favorite examples of FemDom Art to illustrate how this
strand of FemDom fantasy plays out in male minds.

Here, for instance is Sardax’s wonderful evocation of the satisfaction for a
Dominant Female of walking her dog-men.  Sardax is so good at this kind of thing, he conveys so well the attitude of nonchalant, accepted Dominance. The young lady, wrapped in her fetishistically tight leather (or is that satin?) with her parasol on her shoulder, is a study in amusing arrogance. Watching her, perhaps feeling a little wistful, the girl in the retro-dress and hat, conveys more attitude. In this fantasy world of Sardax, gorgeous young women in skin tight clothing are expected to take their slave males out for a walk.  And, of course, the young lady watching the dog-men go by is wearing leather boots with high heels that are about to be licked clean by the male bootlicking service provided for passing ladies to use. The whole scheme here is packed with sexual triggers for the submissive male fantasist, even down to the back of another lady’s high heeled shoe disappearing into the doorway beyond the young
slave walker.
Sardax is definitely fond of this particular FemDom dream.
Here’s another example, taken from a poster for the wonderful Pedestal Club in London. Here we have one of his fuller figured Dominants, clad in a style reminscent of the 1930s, right down to the little hat. With her prominent breasts thrust forward, her
sashaying gait, her high heels and her easy handed management of the male that scurries along beside her on his hands and knees, this dream lady epitomises a
variety of Domme that many men desire to worship. Her cigarette, her whip, her full figure are all sensuous aspects of this dream. And again, Sardax has another female, a younger woman, wrapped in a tight, tight skirt, watching the lady parade her slave right up to the front door of the FemDom Club. What passes through the younger woman’s mind? Does she think about getting a slave male like that herself? Or does she already have one? Perhaps he’s late and she’s imagining his punishment, later inside the club?

But Sardax is not the only artist to have explored this window into the dream of
Female Sexual Dominance.
Here’s a famous example from Eric Stanton’s work. This piece is from the early sixties, I think, and his Dominant Female here is quite human, even if her breasts are on the extraordinary side of things.

With Stanton we’ve left the cool, super-stylish world of Sardax’s FemDommes behind.
Stanton’s Dommes are glamorous to the eye, but tend to be tough bitches when they open their mouths. The slave has been reduced to this incredibly foolish state, scampering along the floor behind this Dominating Bitch, with his swollen ass lit up with dozens of whip marks. He’s being trained to walk close at heel, perhaps for some kind of exhibition. Possibly there’s a hidden world of beautiful, fantasy women, who compete for weird ass honors by training male slaves to perform like dogs? With Stanton’s bizarre imagination, anything was possible.

And then we have Waldo’s take on this phenomenon.

Waldo’s text reads  “I’m offering you this Yorkshire”  presumably the bemused looking lad, crawling along behind the young lady’s legs here. “And if you groan again, I’m buying a muzzle.”

Who the muzzle is for is not quite clear, Any French readers of this blog are invited to enlighten us as to the exact meaning here.

However, as he does so often and so well, Waldo conveys all the prime erotic aspects of the fantasy, from the whip in Her hand, her slightly parted dress, unbuttoned enough to offer a glimpse of pink panty, her authoritative grip on her “Yorkshire’s” leash, and once again, the relaxed attitude of complete and absolutely accepted dominance. This is an everyday scene, in a fantasy France, where lovely young ladies with long legs, walk their recently enslaved males, who may still even have wristwatches, in public.

That wristwatch, by the way, is one of those things that have long since been stripped away from the slave males in Sardax’s dog-walking scenes. Those men have been
reduced to something less than human. Waldo’s Yorkshire is a recent convert to
dogginess. The little pink bow in his hair is perhaps a sign of where he’s going, and who can say how long he’ll retain the watch, as his life as a dog progresses?

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10 Responses to “MEN ON THE LEASH”

  1. satoch Says:

    Hi, I know you since I started receiving the Ms Christine DOMestic list. Here is my contribution:
    Waldo’s text reads “I’m offering you this Yorkshire” presumably the bemused looking lad, crawling along behind the young lady’s legs here. “And if you groan again, I’m buying a muzzle.”

    Not exactly: she says “you only had to buy me this Yorshire” (to avoid beiing now reduced like that). So, the muzzle if for him.
    I hope it helps. Thanks for your wonderful stories.

  2. eosuchus Says:

    Great. Thanks, santoch, that’s really helpful. So if the young blond dude had just
    bought her the dog, he’d still be standing on his own two feet instead of being reduced to his new, doglike status!

  3. Gerdia Says:

    Zo wil ik er ook wel bij lop0en. Kruipend op de grond. In mijn blote kont en stijve pik. Kijkend onder haar rokje, zie ik haar billen.

  4. marcus Says:

    Love your art collection, particularly the “leashed male”s. There is a video of Saharah Eve walking a man across a busy intersection in New York city. Can’t find the link right now, but it seems to have been inspired by Stanton’s leashed male above and some of Sadrax’s work. She has it on the private side of her site, but I swear there was a public version too. Hot stuff.

    • eosuchus Says:

      Saharah Eve is really the FemDom Dream, isn’t she? The erotic humiliation of being walked
      on a leash in a public place is filled with powerful and interesting nuance. Being on Saharah Eve’s
      leash must be quite an experience!

  5. muhammed Says:

    men are only the dogs of female.

  6. Jack Golden Says:

    I can remember the first time a lady dom put a collar and attached a leash to it, I was in Kansas and now going with this lady. When she put it on, I was already naked, she asked me how it felt? I told her it felt good, and it did. She turned out to be pretty cruel at times like when she made me sit on a huge dildo while tied to a hard chair. Again after I got over the pain it was very erotic.

  7. Simon Says:

    My TS Mistress had me wear my leather hot pants and a open leather vest with black leather work boots. She took me on a walk around the block on a collar and leash. Everyone looked at me and I loved it. At one point she took me behind some bushes and made me get on my knees and take her piss. Then we continued on. We rant into several guys who wanted her to share me with them. It was very hot being on the collar and leash and a total slave

  8. crayle Says:

    The feel of being nude, crawling on a leash, led away from your clothes, your ID, cell phone, plastic–away from your whole identity!– is intoxicating, and you evoked it well.

  9. jackjacko1954 Says:

    i bin on the leash several times,each Mistress has HER own ideas,im going to be trained and that Mistress love public hukiliation,brrr,i will do as im told,jack,los angeles

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