Women Spanking Men by eosuchus Part One.

For many, if not all, submissive men, being spanked is one of the core practises of Female Domination. Whether She spanks you as a bad boy, or a naughty husband, or a fully sissified panty slave, the fact of the matter is that you are turned over Her lap with your bare behind exposed for her to slap, paddle, strap or even cane.
The degree to which you are rendered helpless before She spanks you is
one of the key elements, all of which are rooted in the humiliation of this practise for a grown man. Some women prefer not to use restraints and to just put their man over their laps and expect him to keep his place without their having to do anything much about it. Here the added humiliation is that he stays there, no matter what, because he is completely submissive to Her and he accepts that She spanks him.
Some women like to hold the man’s right, or left, arm up behind his back to control him, other women will clamp his legs between theirs for a stronger grip on him. And then there are women who prefer a more helpless spankee, with his arms bound behind his back, perhaps, and his ankles cuffed together, and even his knees held together by either his pants or a belt.
However She prefers it, the essence of the matter is the same. She is the Spanker and you are the spankee. In any household where She takes him over Her lap and spanks his bottom for as long as She wants there can be no doubt that She is the ruler and he is the ruled.
By most accounts that I have read, spanking the male can be highly arousing for a Dominant Female. The sense of power and control has a strong erotic edge to it. And conversely, the submissive male derives an even stronger charge from being on the receiving end.
Of course, being spanked is painful, in varying degrees, depending on her mood and the instrument(s) applied. But it is nothing like as painful as a real whipping, or a session with a heavy paddle. At the same time, a spanking is more intimate, more humiliating and far more erotic, because of the physical contact between the spankee’s groin and Her thighs.
There is an element here of the Maternal power of a mother, who may spank her son now and then during childhood. There is considerable argument about the value of such spankings. One side argues that all such violence towards children is wrong, while a more traditional side sees an occasional spanking for truly awful behaviour as being quite acceptable. Both sides agree, however, that more than an occasional spanking for naughty children is not acceptable and shades into child abuse. As with so many aspects of raising children there are grey areas here and parents have to make up their own minds about where to draw lines.
But for adult males who are spanked by Women the transfer of power to Her is all important and has elements of the imbalance in power between a mother and a young, naughty son, perhaps caught shop lifting, or breaking a neighbor’s window with a stone. Over Her lap goes the male, to be punished and humiliated. The humiliation, of course, being very much stronger for the adult male who is spanked
over his Lady’s knee.

For some submissives, a light degree of bondage during spanking is a door to a greater repertoire of bondage activities. Being tied up, or down, and kept that way for a time period that is entirely up to Her who binds you is one of the great psychological pathways of Female Domination. Equally, spankings over the knee with a hairbrush can be part of a process that leads to much fiercer corporal punishments involving canes, whips and paddles. The spankee becomes accustomed to the pain and discomfort and as time goes by can take more severe beatings. Ultimately some men may find themselves dangling from a hook on the ceiling while She flogs them bloody with a cat-o-nine-tails. That, however, is not the subject for this post.
To be spanked every night and then used for Her sexual pleasure is also one of the great highways into the sex submissive’s dream of a life under Her control. With every spanking he slips deeper into submission and farther from the machismo ridden independence he once had. Regular spankings, coupled with other intimate forms of domination reinforce one another and put the spanked male firmly under his Woman’s control.

When the Lady Spanker comes home from work and finds her man busy fixing dinner and pats him on the ass and whispers in his ear that such devotion might earn him a reward later, the fact that he is regularly put over her knee for a spanking is the inescapable grounding for their relationship. A regularly spanked bottom is also a sensitive one, a little tender, a little sore, and the man it’s attached to is constantly aware of that little tingle. With the tingle come the memories of being over Her knee and staring at the floor, or her shoes, while her hand, hairbrush or paddle is being used to spank him. And with those memories comes the certainty that he will be back over that knee soon enough for his next spanking. So that little pat, or perhaps a bit more than that, a little rubbing on that tender behind, combined with her voice in his ear can ignite a cascade of erotic and masochistic feelings and desires.
When the spankee is also subject to chastity control, in whatever way She desires, and is not allowed any release except with her permission, the combination of being desperate for relief from the normal urges and the spankee’s sensations of
erotic humiliation and masochistic pleasure also reinforce one another and promote ever deeper levels of submission to the Dominant Female.
And let’s face it, for the submissive male, this is what we want. The FemDom dream is that submissive men surrender themselves completely to their Women, whether they’re Wives, Girl Friends, Goddesses or Mistresses. The sub male kneels before them, kisses their feet, and accepts whatever they demand from him. More often than not, such relationships will have a certain amount of spanking, of him by Her, and those spankings will loom large in his mind.
(Note: the world of M/f spanking is not our concern. But I will point out that
the visible world of spanking has changed mightily over the past 25 years. It was once a real rarity to find F/m spanking material. What was published in magazines was usually M/f and F/f. And it was well understood in those days that the F/f spanking material was often filling in for the F/m material that men were too ashamed to buy. Even purchasing F/m magazines exposed submissive men to casual and routine humiliations from pornography outlets and stores.
The internet has changed all that. A few google numbers show the pattern today.
594,000 spanking M/f
408,000 Men spanking women
528,000 spanking F/m
440,000 Women spanking men
557,000 spanking F/f
536,000 FemDom spanking
621,000 Erotic spanking
31,500,000 spanking in general…covering many topics.
So, while M/f spanking remains the dominant aspect of Spanking scene, the F/m side of things has grown explosively over the last six or seven years.)

Back in the dark ages of FemDom, it was the FemDom artists that really
carried the light for male submissives. And of those artists, Stanton was easily the most prominent. Here we have a pair of classic Stanton illustrations that demonstrate his particular style, when it came to a FemDom spanking.
First off, Stanton rarely left it to a hand spanking, though he had illustrated those in his early days. No, for Stanton, the Lady needed a paddle, usually large and squared off. For some reason, Stanton rarely drew rounded paddles.
Secondly, Stanton endlessly eroticises the buttocks and the breasts. Not only that but he juxtaposes them, the cleft between the Domme’s proud breasts signalling power and control, the curves of the spankee’s ass signalling helplessness and submission.
Thirdly, Stanton is attentive to the humiliating details of the act. His gorgeous Dominant is pulling down the spankee’s shorts with one hand, baring his almost absurdly plump buttocks, while accepting the paddle from a third party, who is witness to the spanking.
And then it begins! And from the first shot we know this is no little spanky-panky affair. The paddle is biting into that soft male ass tissue, and his upper body flexes up as he howls from the sting of it.
In this example of Stanton’s wonderful art, he gets in so many perfect details, such as Her arm gripping the spankee across his hip and back that you have to think that Stanton himself had experienced many a fierce spanking. Her knees are together, her upper body is partly rotated back to her right, and her right arm wields the paddle with considerable energy. That’s one male rump that will be scarlet and sore for days afterwards!
With Stanton’s art career, we also have a kind of time machine back through the slow, halting emergence of FemDom from the deep shadows that hid it from view in the pre-internet age. His early work is full of almost generic hard -leather F/f scenes, rendered in the style of the late 1940s and early 50s. Later, as he began the great Stantoons project he developed his own wild caste of FemDom characters and storylines that became famous among the submissive male legions around the world. Lily and Dolly of the Family Affair, the terrifying Princkazons, Stanton’s erotic imagination took off into the farthest reaches of the male fetish psyche.
Of course, nearly all the great FemDom artists have produced spanking art, with a few odd exceptions, such as Namio Harukawa, who never shows OTK scenes, only whippings. Then again, Harukawa’s central obsession is, umm, wedged several degrees farther down the line of FemDom practise than simple spankings over the knee.
Here’s a great Puyal classic featuring a stern Dominant Wife or Mistress giving a hairbrushing to her pantied, partially feminized househubby or servant. Puyal’s love of activity in the scene is strong here. Mr spankee is not enjoying this moment in time, but then he isn’t bound in any way and he even has his medium-high heels on the floor. He could walk away at any time. But, of course, he won’t, because he’s already in panties, already Her servant and already subservient to Her will. Her mouth drawn in a stern line, her hairbrush raised, the Domme here is intent on the work at hand. It’s likely that her slave will have a tender bottom for several days after this scene is over.
In contrast, here in Sardax world, the young lady spanking her guy is obviously enjoying herself. His ass is nice and rosy pink, his sock feet are up in the air and the full erotic power of a nice intimate spanking over Her powerful lap is on display. Sardax usually loads the sexual energy into his scenes and this is no exception.
Sardax also gives us powerful Women who are enjoying the activities of Female Domination. His Women who spank often have a smile on their lips and presumably a song in their hearts as they wield palms and paddles on male rumps.

Sardax also covers a great variety of scenarios in his art. Here’s another spanking, this time we have a male maid, feminized and gagged, pulled over his Mistress’s lap, his skirts lifted up so that his pantied behind can be soundly spanked by the light of a conveniently placed lamp. As usual, Sardax’s Lady is enjoying herself, and her male maid is not in bondage, emphasising his total submission to Her.


copyright Permian Systems 2008.

PART TWO is now available on Women Spanking Men– Eosuchus Femdom Dreams.

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65 Responses to “Women Spanking Men by eosuchus Part One.”

  1. peter Says:

    i very much like the Sardex Drawings. I have my own fantasies, but prefer them more practical. i am a definate sub – so ordinary issues are more sexy. Take a Dom wife – she spanks her husband in the front room, or in the kitchen – wherever. domestic discipline should be shown by dd artists as real, not in victorian times or in the future.

  2. fermale domination Says:




  3. jerry Says:

    my mistress spanks me in public wearing diapers also she gives me supositories and keeps my bottom red and sore

  4. jerry Says:

    my mistress found out i told you about my punishments so now i have to get three spankings a day and i wont be able to sit for a week i hate your web site oh she vread that so i just got my mouth washed out with soap and the spankings went up to five a day i cant walk or sit

  5. jerry Says:

    my mistress told me to write one more time my bottom is red sore and swollen fron being spanked aa nite long it is so bad i have to go in my diapers because i cant sit on the toilet seat i am also getting diaper rash because she wont change me she says a sore bottomed boy is more obient now she put ben gay on my sore rear when i finish this note she promised me another bare bottom spanking and a trip to the mall for a diapered spanking in public i hope your readers feel sorry for me my bottom is on fire

    • eosuchus Says:

      Guess you’d better do what She tells you, huh?
      That’s the point of accepting Female Domination. She’s the Boss and you obey Her.

      Sorry if my posts got you in trouble, but I guess you broke the rules.

  6. Mark Says:

    Very accurate. No discussion though about having to kiss the paddle or brush and thanking it for teaching. My Mistress now makes me do that–I am also spanked in soft yellow full cut nylon panties until tears, and must stand in the corner afterward.

    I obey so much better now though

    • eosuchus Says:

      You’re right. I should do a post on the rituals that many Dominant Women like to impose before, during and after spanking their
      males. Thanks.

  7. jerry Says:

    my misress never makes me kiss the hair brush but i have to carry it with me at all times when we are in public and be ready to give it to her immeditly upon demand over the weekend we were at the mall and i of course was nursing a sore hot butt while in a store i picked up a knife to admire and accidently walked out of the store with it stupid me when we got to the car i said tl ava oh boy i forgot i had this within 2 seconds i was over her lap and my bottom was really punished i cried and said i would never do it again that just made ava madder and i was given a red blistered bottom for my troubles i was put into very short pants that didnt even cover my bottom and matchede vback into the store where i took the knife i had to carry the hair brush ava talked to the manager who it turned out was a girl friend of hers we went into the back room where my pants came down and the manager and ava took turns using the hair brush on my then swollen red sore rear they then put a wig on me makeup and alittle skirt that didnt even cover my obviously spanked red butt since i am a fairly small perso 5 7 145 i looked like a high school girl who was spanked i was led thru the mall by the two women while my rear was continually swatted by the hair brush and their hands we finally went home where i was spankeds diaperewd and put to bed the next day i wqas spanked five times even by avas gay neighbor who enjoyed paddling a boy dresses as a girl right now i can not sit walk or even move because of my destroyed bottom i am promised an even tougher week ahead

  8. jerry Says:

    Ava would not let me write to you until I learned to type a letter with out typos and proper punuation. I wrote six times today but the letters had misspellings and I was too sore to continue. I got 5 swats on the bare butt for each mistakr in todays letter and 10 spanks with the hairbrush for each error in past letters to you. The total came to 230 swats over the last 48 hours. I complained loudly about those rules and received a soapy mouth washing, 50 additional spanks, corner time and diapers for 3 days. I hope this letter is without error or my punishment will double. I am on my stomach now and tears from my eyes, a sore red bottom and soaked diapers. Plese tell Ava my lrtter is perfect. Thank you.

  9. eosuchus Says:

    Unfortunately, guy, I cannot tell a lie. Certainly not to your Mistress. I count 6 mistakes there. Without is just one word. Punctuation has a letter c and so on.
    I think you’re going to have to try harder. And, I presume you’ll be typing while standing up.

    You really have to get over this thing about complaining, loudly or not.

  10. jerry Says:

    Well you were right. Ava also counted 6 mistakes in the letter. Last night I got 20 bare bottom swats for each error or total of 120. My butt was so sore I got up in the middle of the night and put lotion on it. That is a no no and I got caught. That cost me an additional 50 hard swats, an enema, diapers and a heavy application of Ben Gay on my burning rear. This morning I got another 50 and a trip to the mall in diapers. I wish you had not counted all the errors or at least told ava not to spank me. I thought you would help me but I guess all you women are the same. Ava read this letter and said I was disrespectful to you and her and all women. as punishment I will get 50 with the hair brush for her, 50 with the paddle for what I said about you, and 50 with the ruler for dissing all women. This will take place before bedtime each of the next 5 nights. If I am allowed to write you ever again, I will not only be standing, but will be on fire!

  11. eosuchus Says:

    Here’s a tip. Anything you write to me, or anyone on the internet, write it first in your word processor. Run spell check on it. Read it a couple of times, make sure there are no errors. Then send.
    This might save you a lot of painful time over your Mistress’s lap.

  12. jerry Says:

    Ava did not like your reply because she wants me over her lap. Seriously she lkaughed at your idea and said a big boy should have a better control over spelling, gramer and punctuation asnd if not they should spend quality time over their mistresses laP. tHIS WAS PUT TO PRACTICAL USE last week when I got 4 spankings before bedtime and one extreemly hard one for trying to use spell check. My bottom is so sore I can not sit at all.

  13. jerry Says:

    Ava told me to tell you that little boys who write letters to strangers on the internet will be punished. So she decided to give me double punishment. First I will get a daily hairbrush spanking, then the strap, corner time, a suppository, a trip to the mall in diapers and then the paddle. Second I will receive whatever you think I should get. Ava said it will be just like you punishing me. I just got my first hairbrushing. I am on fire!

  14. jerry Says:

    I told Ava that I would not eat turkey at Thanksgiving because I didn’t like her way of cooking it. I said I would rather have a pizza. Well I guess a boy shouldn’t critisize his mistress’s cooking because not only did I have turkey but before during and after thanksgiviung dinner I had to stand bare butt eating showing Ava and her friends my red, sore and swollen bottom.

  15. jerry Says:

    Well Xmas ended like Thanksgiving. Instead of Rudolph lighting the way with his bright red nose; I was in the corner lighting the room with my bright red sore butt that I couldn’t sit on for 3 days.

    • eosuchus Says:

      That’s a very sore rear end indeed. Tell me something. On the first day, it’s all itchy and swollen and kind of hot, right? But what happens on the second and third days? I mean, do you have bruises? Does your behind stay red and purple for days? And what’s it like to sit on, on the fourth day?

  16. jerry Says:

    A number of factors determine the degree of color, marks, and soreness. In mr case, spankings are given with a hair brush or bare hand. Therefore there is usually no blood blistering or welts as there would be with a rod or srrap. The first day my butt is bright red tith a touch of purple. Very tender and difficult to sit or lay on my back the first nite. Also itchy, hot and slightly swollen. The second day, the purple is pretty well gone and bright red as turned to pink. Still a little swollen and very sore. A bit easier to sit but not confrontable. Third day butt is light pink; swelling is gone; ok to sit carefully but tender to any follow up swats. The situation is also dependant on if a soothing creme is used or a painful creme like Ben Gay or Tiger Balm is applied after the spanking. The situation also changes if addition spankings are given during the three day period. If I am good, the 4th day, I am pretty much back to normal, but I am hardly ever immune to four days of no spankings.

  17. Gerdia Says:

    Ik wil ook wel met mijn blote kont daar liggen.
    Dan mogen ze me vastbinden. en aanm mijn mijn piemel trekken.
    En slaan op mijn billen.

  18. jerry Says:

    Well I really got it this past week. Ava saw my letter to you describing the way my bottom looked and felt after a spanking. She saod that if I was going to talk to you without asking her,I’d better get my story right. So she started by spanking me on Monday; then another on Tues; a third on Wed and finished off today with another one. Forget what I told you about my butt the other day. The last four days have been pure hell on my bottom. The color has been between bright red and light purple for four days. I am so sore I have been on my stomach all the time which has increased the target area which she continually took advantage of. I got the fourth and final installment a few minutes and had to sit on a hard wooded chair to write you. My bottom is now purple, swollen, blistered, sore more than it’s ever been and I will not sit for at least a week.

  19. eosuchus Says:

    Better remember to ask your Mistress for permission before you write anything on the internet. Sounds very painful. Ouch.

  20. jerry Says:

    Hey, thats not fair. You were the one who asked me about spanking aftermath. You deserve a spanking. I hope someone gives you one so you can’t sit for a week!!

  21. eosuchus Says:

    Yes, I asked you– but I didn’t tell you to reply without getting permission from your Mistress. Sorry you got such a fierce spanking. But your Mistress makes the rules, and you either obey them or you go over her knee. That’s the way it is in a FemDom relationship. Didn’t mean to get you in trouble.

  22. Jerry Says:

    I have a feeling you and Ava are friends. She saw the last letters you and I had and was very upset especially about my suggesting you get spanked. So she decided to teach me a very painful lesson. First she put makeup, a wig, and little girl clothes on me. I looked like a twelve year old. I am fairly small so I could pass for a girl. She gave me a pantie down spanking so when I bent over The red ness of my bottom would show and then we went to the mall. Every five minutes, she would drop something and make me bend over to pick it up and mt red butt would show. By the time we got into the car, I was so embarrased and upset I ended op dribbling a little into my panties. We went to her friend Ritas house where I was spanked by both of them for wetting and then Rita had her biker boyfriend come over. He saw me doing corner time with my red bottom on display. Then to my sorrow, he took me over his knee and gave me the hardest hand spanking I ever got in my life. Ava said if I ever write you without her knowledge, she’ll let the biker spank me with a paddle. I was on fire for three days. THANK YOU.

  23. Bobbi Says:

    Nice, thoughtful essay on the subject.


  24. Jerry Says:

    Bobbi wouldn’t think it was “nice and thoughtful” if she had to sit on a burning bottom for three days. Jewrry

  25. Jerry Says:

    I misspelled my name. That cost me 25 with the paddle. Jerry

  26. Jerry Says:

    and after I finish this e mailwell my smart mouth and my dumb brain really got me in trouble last night. ava was really pissed at me for being disrespectful to Bobbi so I paid for it with 25 on my bare bottom; and another 25 with the belt for writing you without telling her. This morning I had to service her while on my back. To do that with welts on my bottom was not pleasant and I told her. She said we were going to take a trip to see Rita and her biker friend night now!! Before we left she soaped my mouth for swearing in this letter. After another 25 with the hairbrush we left. Both Rita and her friend thought I should have been happy to service Ava and since I didn”t like it I would be appropriately punished. NO sex for a month and if my underpants had any wet spots in them. I wouldn’t sit the rest of the month. Rita and Ava took turns spanking me with paddles. They then shaved my front and rear areas. I had to wear a dress and then Ritas boyfriend took over. An hour later I had welts on my swollen rear; my butt hole was on fire; I couildn’t sit; I couldn’t walk; his cum was all over me; and I was crying my eyes out. I had to wear the dress home and I still have it on. She won’t let me take a shower until tomarrow so I can feel the punishment. I am really in agony now sitting at the computer, after I finish this e mail I have to sit on the wood bench. Ava wants to know what else you’d suggest she do to me. Please answer her soon, because Ritas friend wants to see me again in 3 days. Help me please.

  27. Jerry Says:

    Well no one got back to me so I ended up spendind a terrible day yesterday. It started with Ava giving me a extra hard spanking with the paddle which not only turned my bottom red but also left me with welts. We then went to Rita’s where she made me wear a little dress that barely covered my bottom; a pair of girl panties; white soxs; and blck patent leather shoes. I was crying the entire time cause I knew what was going to happen next. Rita’s friend Butch came in and laughed at my attire. He, Ava and Rita took turns spanking my bare bottom until it was purple and swollen. Then just when I thought it was over; Butch said since he didn’t feel like sex with me he blamed me for not exciting him. He took me in the bath room and gave me a strong enema spanking me the time. I had to hold in while standing in the corner with my dress and panties on. I didn’t! I got a paddle on my full bottom then cleaned up and put in diapewrs but not before supositories were inserted and tobasco sauce added to my bottom hole. A final spanking and we went home. I had to use my diapers for the next day before they were changed. I will get another session even worse if you don’t tell Ava, Rita and Butch not to be so mean to me. Help.

  28. eosuchus Says:

    It all sounds a little fierce to me. I would suggest that you try to be as good as you possibly can be. But everyone needs to remember the BDSM mantra, “safe, sane and consensual.” If it goes too far there can be medical consequences.

  29. Jerry Says:

    Thank you for writing me. Ava said Butch will no longer do anything to me except an occasional spanking. Now if you will be so kind as to tell Ava that I no longer should be given spankings that leave my butt red and sore. Thanking you in advance your friend Jerry

  30. Ashley Sieber Says:

    Jerry my name is Ashley Siebr and I am a married woman my husband has never spanked me unless I want him to during sexual foreplay. What Ava is doing to you is I would call abuse and you can tell her that I said so since I live with a cop who is a good friend of mine and my husband. Ava should not spank you so hard or so often she needs to stop what she is doing because what she is doing is abusing you and if does not stop then you should report her for it. And no not all women are the same it’s just crazy bitches like Ava who think that they can control men and that men are their slaves. Well they are wrong and if Ava does not like what I have said then tell her that she can write to me herself instead of having you do it for her it’s time to assert yourself and be more manly. I think the one that really needs a spanking is Ava so she can see what she has done to you and no matter how small you are you can still overwhelm her and spank Ava. I apologize in advance if this gets you into any trouble at all. But either Ava stops on her own or you stop her which you can do.

  31. Ashley Sieber Says:

    Ashley Sieber sorry I was so upset with the way Ava treats you that I forgot to check that.

  32. jerry Says:

    Hi Ashley, Thank you for your concern and interest in my situation with my mistress Ava. I really appreiciate your thoughts. I agree Ava does treat me like a slave and I need to break up our relationship. I developed a plan that I think will work. I met a lady named Nancy who will disapline me when I need it but will be fair and not get me involved with other people and rough and potentually dangerous whippings. I also thought of going to Ava’s with a buddy and after breaking up with her, giving her a spanking like she liked to give me. What do you think about that? Jerry

  33. Ashley Sieber Says:

    Well I think that’s a fairly good idea Jerry since you need to be with someone who will only punish you when you really deserve it not because they like hurting you Ava is just an abusive bitch and she needs to learn a lesson the hard way. It’s good that you found someone else who will treat you right and be just and fair in their punishment just as you would be to them if they needed to be punished. And yes it is better if you bring a buddy or two even since it is always a good idea to bring backup in case you need help if the situation gets out of hand. Your plan is good and I would like to hear what happens after you have put it into play. please do let me know and also let me know how Ava likes being the one spanked so hard she can’t sit on her own ass. lol Well I better go I’m getting tired my pregnancy drains all my energy.

  34. Ashley Sieber Says:

    I hope that everything is going well for you Jerry and I hope that Ava finally got what she deserved for treating you so harshly. It was entirely wrong of her to do that to you. It’s like the worst kind of abuse that I can think of towards a male. To be honest I think Ava has something against men and that could derive from her childhood maybe something happened to make her think men were nothing but slaves to women and they deserved to be treated as such. But she is wrong and these days what she did to you is called abuse and I highly suggest that you report her for that and take pictures of your butt to show the stages of how hard and often she hit you. Let me know what happens ok?

  35. jerry Says:

    Well I had a very interesting weekend. My buddy Jim and I decided to go to visit Ava. I called to make sure she would be home and told her I was comming over to pick up some of my things I left at her house. Just as Jim and I were about to leave; Nancy came by and said she wanted to go with so I said OK. When we arrived, I could tell she was surprised to see the three of us but she didn’t say anything. I emphasised the fact that our relationship was over and the reason was that I was treated to undue pain. Spankings were certainly ok but not swollen, welted and marked butts. Surprisingly she agreed and appogised for using her friend and Butch in our sessions. She did however say that bad boys got spankings and their bottoms were supposed to be sore and tender and difficult to sit down. As we got up to leave, I gave a prearranged signal to Jim and he grabbed Ava and marched her into her bedroom followed by me and Nancy. Jim handcuffed Ava to her bed posts. She yelled but since she lives in a rural area, there are no neighbors for a half mile away. I pulled down her jeans and panties and the fun started. All three of us used her own impliments that had found there way on my butt many times; fraternity paddle, ping pong paddle, hairbrusn, bath brush, and the best was our bare hands turning her butt red. I was ready to leave but Nancy said she needed a further punishment to make her realize how bad she treated me. Nancy took a diaper and put it on her and before pulling it up gave Ava 2 supositories, a liberal dose of hot tobasco sauce on her red cheeks and a big helping of itching powder into her diaper. I had seen her appointment book showed a meeting at her house in 3 hours so we left her handcuffed with her on her tummy. Too bad we couldn’t wait to see her in agony with her butt and front on fire and her diaper full awaiting her next client. When I got home and Jim left; Nancy said that Ava was right when she said little boys did in fact get spanked and ended up not being able to sit. She also said I seemed to enjoy seeing Ava spanked but to remember little boys do not spank their mistresses. She ended the discussion by giving me a spanking. As I lay on my tummy that night, I had to smile thinking abou Ava laying on her tummy too. Thank you for your help and best of happiness with your baby. Jerry

  36. Ashley Sieber Says:

    Well at least Nancy did not treat you unfairly as Ava did and that was a very good way to make for certain that Ava learned her lesson sometimes it takes learning a lesson the hard way to make it stick so that their won’t be a next time. And thank you for your wishes of luck and happiness with our baby we are very happy just to be back with each other again after 6 months of being kept apart. But it’s made more enjoyable knowing that I have a new life growing inside of me. My husband makes sure that I eat every day and that I keep my fluids up as I am vulnerable to this Texas heat again I am glad that everything worked out well for you even if you did get a spanking it was far lighter than what Ava used to do to you. Maybe now she really will be apologetic for what she has done. I’m also glad that my advice worked out well for you in high school my friends would always ask me for advice an it usually helped a lot for them and I’h happy it worked for you as well. I have to go now but if you need anymore advice or have any questions please fell free to ask me here ok?

  37. jerry Says:

    Hi Ashley, It has been almost a week since Nancy has taken over my training and it sure is better than the harsh punishment I received from Ava. However my big mouth continues to get me in trouble, Today I swore at her and ended up with a mouth full of soap and a red butt. I guess I’ll never learn not to back talk to a women who knows how to use a hairbrush. Thanks again for your help. Jerry

  38. Ashley Sieber Says:

    Oh don’t worry Jerry you will learn my husband sure learned when and when not to say or do certain things. It will take you some time but believe me you will learn and I’m glad that Nancy is treating you far better then Ava ever did.

  39. jerry Says:

    Hi Ashley, Did you have the baby yet? Nancy is treating me fairly. I do get hard hairbrush spankings and mouth washings with soap cause my mouth gets me in trouble. Nancy wants to know if you spanked your husband while training him. I told her probably not cause you sound like a nice person.that wouldn’t spank. Jerry

  40. Ashley Sieber Says:

    Well actually no I never have spanked my husband I do give a good tap on the ass from time to time but that’s just to let him know that he’ll be getting some damn good sex later on. No I have not had the baby yet I am due to give birth in December this year. My husband and I are a married couple because of how well he treats me I therefore feel no need to train him at all he treats me as if I’m a princess which to him I am and he is my prince and we treat each other with love tenderness, understanding, kindness and respect and that is what makes relationships last through even the darkest of times. But you can tell Nancy that I have never spanked my husband and I even have problem with spanking children it just doesn’t need to be done unless nothing else works to change their behavior. I often punish my husband by just not speaking to him or even looking at him and it drives him crazy but it works.

  41. jerry Says:

    Hi Ashley, Well I was right that you do not spank your husband. I do disagree with you on spanking children. My parents came over to the US from Europe and believed in spanking for wrong doing. The little things I got spanked for helped in my later years. I got spanked by them for smoking, shoplifting, stealing from moms purse, disrespecting teachers and others in authority, and other childhood events. By getting spanked, I never did any of those things in adult life. My spankings now are a result of my big mouth talking out of line resulting in my big butt getting red and sore. I hope you never have to spank your child but it does leave a lasting impression on a certain part of their body and hopefully remembering the lession forever.

  42. Ashley Sieber Says:

    Well the baby is a boy and will more than likely take after his father and since my husband is the most stubborn man I have ever met in my entire life my son will probably not really be affected by it but if it comes down to it then I will spank him but I do hope that he acts good and is a very well behaved child which I believe with the love,care and attention from my husband, me and our family and friends he grow up to be a wonderful gentleman who treats women with respect and has very good morals and leads a very happy life. I too got spanked a child but it was not for the things I did wrong it was because my mother is a crazy bitch who forced my father out of my life for about 16 years and then stole government money that I was getting when I was 19 and she still thinks that I owe her everything (which in truth she owes me not the other way around) my mother would spank me for shit that was not even my fault like when my younger sisters did not do their chores and I did mine she would complain that their chores should have been done by me even though they were not mine to do in the first place I would get my ass beat with a leather belt till she was satisfied with how red and swollen it was then I would get grounded for like two weeks for not doing my sisters work and when I did do their chores and told her that I did them when it came to getting paid for doing our chores she would still pay my sisters for not doing their chores and they like $10 a week and I only got $5 a week but one time she tried that crap again and I was really pissed off about it. Thankfully my grandmother was coming over to the house to pick me up for the weekend so I could escape the insanity that was held within that hell hole and when she arrived inside the house I told her what my mother was trying to do and she asked my mother to give her the $100 she owed her for stuff she baked for her work bake sale which my mother handed over then she made give me the same amount of money that my younger sisters had times 3 and then right in front of her my grandmother handed me the $100 that my mother had just given to her. Needless to say my mother was pretty pissed about it and from then she has always tried to find ways to hurt me but now thankfully she no longer can I just wish that my grandmother was back to normal again. and thank you for your compliments Jerry and don’t worry you’ll learn to control your mouth at some point believe me I’m still working on that myself I have trouble containing my anger and the things I say can get me into trouble sometimes. But everything just takes time. Time to learn to control and get over wounds that have been left behind by traumatic events I still suffer at times from depression because I miscarried twins that I was pregnant with by my husband over a year ago now and it still hurts but it hurts less and less each day that passes I know I will never really get over it but they will be waiting for me and they are always with me I can feel it. Sorry if I made you sad by writing that it gets hard sometimes.

  43. jerry Says:

    Hi Ashley, I was very sorry to hear about your past tragedies; Bad things shouldn’t happen to good people. I hope you have put your mother out of your life. You don’t need that. I know it’s hard to drop family but she did not act like a mother. I got spanked by my mom but only because I deserved it; You didn’t deserve any of yours. I hope you got even with your sisters too. They deserve to get what I gave Ava. They shouild of supported you. Well that part of your life is over. You have a loving husband and a new born son to devote your life. I am sure you will be sucessful. Jerry

  44. turd Says:

    my neices name is connie, she is very pretty and a firm believer in spanking, she takes me across her lap and pulls my panties down , then she spanks me real hard and long !!!!!she rubs baby powder on my bare fanny and then she spanks me again !!!

  45. jerry Says:

    Good. I hope she leaves a nice big blister. Instead of powdering your butt she should put Ben Gay or Tiger Balm on it. It will sting and make sitting very difficult.

  46. Pointer Men's Basketball Says:

    Best you should make changes to the page name Women Spanking Men by eosuchus Part One. Eosuchus’s Weblog to something more generic for your blog post you write. I loved the the writing even sononetheless.

  47. jerry Says:

    hi ashley, did you have your baby? I am sure everything is fine but if you get a chance, let me know thanks jerry

  48. Grumpy Says:

    I am a male in my mid to late 50’s. The longer and harder the spanking, whipping, caning the better..Spanking, forced feminization, forced to be a bay in diapers using a baby bottle etc, muscle domination are absolutely fantastic ways to make me remember how to behave. I do get rude, unruly and lazy without Miantenance Spankings and Discipline Spankings. The more the lady punishes me, the more I learn for a little while anyway…I do fall back into old undesirable patterns without the constant discipline to keep me ontrack. It takes a real woman to keep a man inline. Thankfully, there are women everywhere who are willing to do just that. They are just very difficult to find.

  49. zaq7611 Says:

    I found your website by accident. I was doing research on spanking dreams. I have been having Femdom dreams lately. I have been dreaming about being spanked by my Wife/Mistress and I would wake up after the second or third smack and then I would daydream about it for a few days. I have mentioned spanking some time ago but the answer I got was “I’m afraid of hurting you”. I’m really not sure how to approach this now.

    • eosuchus Says:

      It isn’t easy to approach a wife, a girl friend, even a Mistress, with these kinds of ideas. The cultural conditioning for women to be “nice,” “sweet” and loveable, is very, very strong. Women have thoughts about punishing men, dominating men, even torturing and enslaving men, but they push those thoughts deep into the background. To even admit to having them is dangerous for women. Just being “pushy” in an office situation can brand a woman as “bitch” and from that it’s a very short step to a “castrating man-hating bitch.” So, for women, the world of FemDom, including spanking men is marked with taboo and “forbidden” in huge glowing red letters.

      Depending on how much of a good thing you’re after, I would suggest turning your wife/Mistress onto a website like that of Elise Sutton. If she reads that and can accept the ideas therein, then turn her onto some other FD sites. But, it’s very difficult and can be dangerous to a marriage, so be very very careful.


  50. Jon Says:

    Found your site by accident. I have always wanted to be spanked by a woman..either for discipline/punishment or for erotic reasons. I truely believe it makes for a sound and solid relationship. I have had relationships like that in the past but do not have such a relationship at the present time..hopefully I will once again..we will see. It is not a form of humiliation or degradation but it is a form of understanding and respect for your partners desires and needs..I do not condon brutality or abuse..but a shared intrest and understanding between two lovers on th esubject. Jon

  51. markiee Says:

    My first spanking from my wife (she is bigger and stronger than I) took place on our wedding night as I came out of the shower. Now 30 years later we only make love after I go over her knee.

    • Bart Says:

      I have seen your comments elsewhere and I share your experience of being spanked by my mother in law. In my case it was a real punishment and left me sore for days

  52. Albert Says:

    I am a 64½ year old male who enjoys an occasional spanking from either a Mistress or a Master. I also enoy it when the Mistress or Master gives me a large retention enema after the spanking.

    I also like to give both women and men spankings or enemas. If you are a female or male in Las Vegas NV or the surrounding areas and would to share a spanking or enema with me, let me know

    Albert = albert_enemas@yahoo.com

  53. jonathan Says:

    If ava likes to spanked someone like that i am up for it i am dying for a but blistering rubby red but i am even to wering diapers having a pasafiver in my mouth public hummilation having her friend even spank me as well i dont care if i put on a dress or even panties i long for punishment of any kind plz let her know this i need spanking bad i have not had one ever so if any one wants to spank me get back with me asap

  54. women over 50 dating Says:

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  56. Goddess Says:

    excellent !

  57. Bart Says:

    I have read these comments with great interest and see that men and women find various elements of female domination using spanking useful and sexually exciting. I came to find out about this in an what seems to be an unusual way, my wife’s mother turned me over a sofa after smacking my face and strapped my bare ass until I was agreeing with any thing and everything she said while tearing me up. I was quite young and had no clue what this meant as she set the tone for decades of similar treatment from her daughter who wasn’t there when this occurred but saw the results . At first I was resistant to my wife but her threats to call her mom soon had me agreeing to submit to my wife. I have been submissive ever since and it’s been a useful tool in out marriage for a lob time

  58. Albert Says:

    I posted here a few years ago. I am now 67 years young. I am seeking a Mistress who would like to give me a mild spanking. No redness or soreness that lasts more than an hour or so after I leave her. I also want her to give me repeated enemas.

    I cannot host. You must host me. This also must be on a no-fee basis. I am not seeking pay-for-play. I live in the Las Vegas NV area. Contact me at albert_enemas@yahoo.com as soon as possible.

    Thank You, Mistress
    sub, Albert

  59. yourpetblue Says:

    I am a 42 year old African-American male that is totally submissive… looking for a very serious femdon to break me in anyway she seems fit… babyblue16.bw@gmail.com

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