Getting a Spanking

KD Pierre hits the target with this cartoon

On Being Spanked–  Part Two
by eosuchus

“Move your hand,” she said.
Their eyes locked. The sight of her, the sight of that hairbrush, the look in her eyes, the arrogant toss of her hair, it all hit him in the erogenous zone.  He hadn’t expected this. Not from a second date with Bethany, but there’d been something going on between them all evening, and when she’d said she wanted to skip the movie and go to her place instead, he’d been perfectly willing.
Then, after some hot kisses in the kitchen and on the couch she’d told him to strip off in the bathroom and then come to the bedroom.
So he was here, and she was going to spank him. He knew it. Everything about
this situation told him that that was what was going to happen.
Unless, of course, he turned around and ran out of there. But then, he knew, he’d be jerking off to the memory of this moment for the rest of his life.
His penis had hardened, and he was covering it up for a very good reason.
“You heard me,” she snapped.
He wanted to equivocate, to delay, to put this off. He didn’t like pain.
But then again, he had had fantasies of this kind ever since he was thirteen.
He moved his hand.
She looked at his erection, then looked him in the eyes. Everything she saw confirmed what she’d already expected. He was her kind of man, the kind she loved to
“Get on your knees. Now.” She pointed to the floor with a single red fingernail. There was no hesitation in her voice, she was all about being a Queen and he was
going to obey her commands.
For a second or so he hesitated. Then he got down on his knees in front of her.
She seemed to relax a tiny bit. But only for a moment, and then she extended her right foot towards him.
“Kiss my foot.”
Again, he hesitated. His cock was throbbing now, he was terribly aroused, but he was afraid where this was going.
“You better kiss it quickly, or things are going to get a lot worse for you.”
He bent  down and pressed his lips to her instep.
Once more he sensed a slight relaxation, and then it was gone.
“You’re going to get a good spanking now. Do you know why?”
He dared to look up, to meet Her eyes, which seemed to bore into him, probing for his inner weakness.
“No, ur, yes, well, no, I guess not.”
She grinned. His confusion, his fear of her, his obvious desire for her was intoxicating.
“Because I want to spank you, that’s why.”

Laurent LeBeau's sexy Domme selects the right tool

When a Dominant Female wants to spank a submissive male, then that male is gonna get spanked. Unless he wishes to end their relationship, of course. That can happen, but it’s much  more common for the sub to end up over her lap, or knee, with his bottom bared and helpless while she spanks him with her hand, or her hairbrush, or a paddle, or a whole variety of implements.

The erotic power of a spanking over Her knee is very powerful for the submissive man. There are a number of key segments of this…

1/  the disrobing…. “pull down your trousers.”
“Stand still while I pull down your pants.”
“Get naked, now!”
Being the naked one, in front of She who has Her clothes in, is a very important aspect of this. Being naked means being less powerful, particularly in this kind of situation.
She has her clothes on, whatever she’s decided to wear. Now, it might be that she’s just kept on her bra and panties, or she may be in an office suit, or even jeans and a
T-shirt, but whatever it is, she’s got the clothes on and she’s ordering him to get his off .

2/  the viewing–  the crucial moment, in many ways. The submissive male is now
naked. She sits back and studies him. Does he have a full, throbbing erection?
What does that tell Her about the situation? Can he meet her gaze? Does she smile now to let him see that She is enjoying her power over him? Or does she stare at him haughtily, as the Queen might to her slave?
For the submissive, well aware of what’s going to happen soon, this moment is loaded with erotic signals. He is naked, he is obedient, he is prepared for what is coming. He signals his submission to Her by standing there, obeying her commands.
Adding spice to everything else at this moment is his condition. That is, whether he’s been Her slave for a while, or not. Does he still have pubic hair? Is he locked up in a chastity device that she has the key for? Does his ass have the stripes from his most recent caning or whipping at Her hands still visible?  If he does have
his pubic hair, and genital freedom and no whipmarks, then the questions may be hovering in the air between them– once she starts spanking him and he accepts his place over her lap, then other things are quite possibly going to follow. In time, sometimes a shockingly short time, he may discover that he has slipped completely under Her control. He may be wearing tight pink panties to work under his suit, or his
khakis. His cock will be stuck in a chastity device, or pierced and locked down. His ass may be criss-crossed with welts and lines. He may have gone from a free man to a submissive sex-slave.

3/  the symbolic kissing of hand, implement or foot. Having established Her power over him, and Her complete control of the situation, She can now take advantage of the moment to build on that and to emphasise Her erotically charge Dominance.
She may order him to his knees and hold out her hand for him to kiss, or her hairbrush, or paddle, or she may go further and stretch out a foot for him to bow down and kiss. Whichever she chooses, the effect is to demonstrate to both of them that
Her’s is the power and his is the submission to that power.

4/  the placement–  The time has come to pull him over Her lap, or if the disparity in
size and weight is not too much, then over her knee, or thigh. She may take him by the ear and pull him down and over her thighs. Or she may just pat her knee and expect him to play himself in position. Either way the power exchange is total, and any man who allows himself to be placed over Her knee like this knows that any pretense at machismo with this particular female are over.  For the submissive male, lying over Her knee, either already naked or while she pulls down his underwear, the erotic power of this moment is off the scale. If She is of the mind to have him in bondage, so that his wrists are cuffed behind him, then he is pretty much helpless, and the decision to surrender to Her will has already come and gone. If, on the other hand, he is unbound, but is expected to stay where She has put him, then his decision to submit will be constantly revisited during what is coming to him. And as he decides, again and again, to submit, to stay there with his head down by her ankles and his legs in the air, or however it is that she prefers to hold him, then her Dominance over him and his acceptance of that becomes ever more clear. And, of course, it is her Sexual Dominance that lights his fire, that fuels his passion, that provides what he has dreamed of since, well, probably since puberty.

And then it begins. The eroticism of the preparation for his spanking gives way to the
first smacks, perhaps with her hand, perhaps with her hairbrush or a paddle. There is pain, but these first shots are usually not too hard, they are ranging shots, as she gets her aim and coordination into line. And then the smacks become harder and perhaps they come more quickly.

Every woman likes to spank in Her own way. Some will deal out a dozen quick shots and then wait, while the fire blazes on his bottom, and everything there goes red and pink. While the fire rises up and he wriggles, she may discuss why he is being spanked and how she wants him to modify his behaviour, or she may just giggle and tell him how much it arouses her, and how, later she is going to sit on his face and make him pleasure her for as long she can stand it. Other women spank more slowly, with precise blows of palm or paddle, each one spaced a few seconds apart, to let the
sting of each have its moment as it burns into him his humiliating position and
his acceptance of his submission to Her.  During this process, which can go on for a long time, She may reproach him for his failures on any number of fronts. Perhaps
his housecleaning hasn’t been good enough, or he hasn’t bought her a sufficiently
expensive present, or possibly he has misbehaved in public. For a Woman who spanks, there’s always something She can call on in justification for blistering the male bottom.
And then there are those who spank hard, fast and long. The shots come two or three a second and while he writhes and moans and begs for mercy she holds him tightly and keeps them coming. This is the most energetic, and probably the  most painful style of spanking. Only when she’s exhausted, and quite possibly very aroused and ready for sex, does she stop.

By then his ass is a purple red monstrosity, almost glowing in the dark and he is likely to have tears running down his cheeks and to be in a place of absolute submission to the female.  At that point She can do whatever She likes with him. Put him in the corner to think about his misdeeds and resolve to do better, or turn him onto his back in bed for a long, satisfying session of smother under her dominating ass.

4 Responses to “Getting a Spanking”

  1. Martin Says:

    I seek to submit to an assertive woman in this way. I am a 56 year old submissive male and I live in St. Charles, MO.

  2. Martin Says:

    To be held over a dominant woman’s knees as she spanks me for her pleasure is what I seek.

  3. womanplzspankme Says:

    i need that bad

  4. george Says:

    I’ve had lots of girlfriends, and adore women, but none of them have ever spanked me, though I’ve always wanted to be spanked by a girl/woman friend before sex, since I was very young.

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